To facilitate an expanded view of consciousness and nurture essences in a way that each of of us has a new way of thinking and feeling so that we can expand our gifts and contributions for a better world and society.   

Desired Outcomes

Gain an ever increasing actualized desire to continuously learn deeper and more profound ways of learning about our thinking and ourselves.

Become a more effective contributor to what's important to us in this world.

To have our Being become more heart centered while improving our thinking capabilities about nested wholes and our part in them. 

Live a fully fulfilled life with full stewardship living out the Forward Action Plan. 

Process/Steps (Example for 2 Hour Session)

Engage in an ongoing development process learning practical, new thinking tools with relevant applications between monthly learning sessions thus producing auditable improved life results monthly.

  • Set intention and check in sharing key learnings/results from last time. 
  • Read together content for the work session including why this topic and content
  • Each person write down relevant opportunities for the coming month
  • Share this and how new/old tools will be used and will be helpful

Create a specific Forward Action Plan.  

Do the mutually agreed to practical work in between each session. 

Audit and upgrade the work session.  Things did well?  Things to improve? Acknowledgements and Appreciations

Mindset to Maintain/Principles/Guidelines for Sessions and Work between Sessions


Be open and receptive to new thoughts and ideas.

Stay focused on topic at hand.

Be clear about what's being transformed in us Have fun. Read the pre-work three days or earlier in advance of each monthly session and spend each day thereafter reading the content prior to the session.  Generate a few thoughts about the content of the new session before going to sleep or upon waking up.  This will facilitate a mindset of curiosity and grounding for the upcoming session.