About Us


To facilitate an expanded view of consciousness and nurture essences in a way that each of of us has a new way of thinking and feeling so that we can expand our gifts and contributions for a better world and society.

Our Promise

 By 2027, all people are celebrated as beautiful; all differences honored and embraced.

Our Vision

Live Your Dream

Our Method

Through regular conversations, we systematically and systemically learn specific practical skills, apply them to our daily lives and celebrate the transformations as we move closer to our desired higher Self while enjoying the freedom, happiness and contribution we make in our lives and to those around us.  We live the meaning of Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self.

Our Resources

Each person is fully trained in providing the skills necessary to have a shift in our spirit, our being, our functioning, our happiness and our contribution.

Our Context

Are we living our dreams? Do we feel joy in our heart? Do we know where we are going? What will make us happy? Do we recognize our gifts and talents? Are we our own best friend? Do the decisions we make support or sabotage the life we wish to live?

Today life is filled with distractions often of our own making. The challenges of keeping it all together and being the person we think others want us to be, keep us away from our dreams~ from even believing that dreams are possible or for that matter~ keep us from knowing what our dreams may be.

Life is meant to be lived with joy, spending time doing what we love and fulfilling our purpose.  What makes us smile? What makes us happy?  Being ones' own best friend and others best friend is the peace one finds in life when true purpose, passion and action are in alignment.  This is where miracles happen and the magic of life can be lived daily.

Through the understanding of one’s Gifts From Within, BeingBecomng has a gift for inspiring those who choose to make the journey of transformation; coming home to one’s true Self experiencing the divine within.

BeingBecoming empowers and assists this discovery for individuals and organizations through transformational shifts. As co-visionaries, co-creators and implementers, BeingBecoming is able to blend compassion, empathy and understanding with vision, focus and conscious action, taking the path necessary for immediate shifts and results.

The Founder and his best friends have extensive education, experiences and successes in life that provides a solid foundation in knowledge and paths to action that complement the transformation and change process, allowing one to reach their fullest potential. Have a happy journey.  Enjoy the trip.  Be and have it all.