How It Works

More than anything, relationships are about interaction (communication). If we
are "in interaction" with our friend, our relationship works.  If we think we are
"in interaction" and our relationship is not thriving in all areas, we are
probably missing something.

Most of us are not terrific at interaction and communication.  Moreover,
interaction will lapse in even the very best relationships. Hence 50% of friends
who say "forever" later say "no more" - or remain in relationships that no longer
are fulfilling.  It is useful to have a gentle reminder to stay "in interaction."

BeingBecoming works by giving us and our friend small, easy interaction tasks,
and provides online coaching on how to interact most effectively maintaining a
space of creation and co-creation.

Sometimes we'll find great surprises.  Other times we'll discover things that might
have festered - and get an opportunity to nip it in the bud.

Demonstration Example


First, we are given a task, such as: 
  •     List things for which we'd like to be acknowledged, or
  •     Complete the sentence: "Sometimes we get upset when we..." or
  •     Make a specific request about something we would like from our friend

As we fill in blanks that state and further clarify the interaction, BeingBecoming provides coaching, tips and examples to help us interact powerfully and responsibly.
When we are done, this information is sent to our friend.  We call this a
"BeingBecoming start."
Next, our friend receives an email that we have sent, and is invited to login.
Our friend reads our interaction request and then is guided to respond. 
BeingBecoming provides gentle coaching and tips to help our friend respond powerfully and responsibly.
Our friend's response is then sent to us in an email.  We call this a “first
thought response”.

Is that all?


Yes and no.  BeingBecoming has two objectives:

1. Help bring issues to the surface and encourage the free and ongoing exchange of interaction reaching a place of mutual reconciliation.

2. Provide guidance to make our interaction as effective as possible.

Future versions of BeingBecoming will maintain and track open items (i.e., items which we or our friend do not feel are fully reconciled, so that, at our leisure, the two of us can revisit, and ultimately resolve, them. There will also be ways to win "points" as friends.